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Unique TV Telephone System

december 11, 2008

Today I had lunch with Mr David Pagrotsky, founder of MyJoice a completely new TV Telephone system, that allows video calls to any TV in the world through an Internet Connection. No computer required. His vision is to help elderly and disabled to keep in contact with the world, welfare as well as family.

myjoiceThe concept is really amazing. You connect a box and a webcam to any TV and through Internet get Live video calls and conferencing without any knowledge about computers. You use it as an ordinary phone. This made my mind boggle. So many people sit at home with a need to be seen. To talk to people. This might be an extremely good way towards a solution. Just imagine how much money the government could save… They can talk to patients everywhere several times a day, and it will cost less than one visit per week. They increase communications and save money. I was impressed.

Next week, we will meet again to discuss how we can cooperate.

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